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Slimming pants

Redraw your silhouette

Refines size
Thinner appearance
Very comfortable
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49,90 €

Redesign your silhouette with SlimPants. The high waist pants SlimPants is specially designed to fine-tune the waist, flatten the stomach and conceal the love handles and beads thanks to its integrated elastic waistband.

With the SlimPants pants, redraw the lines of your silhouette. These high waist pants have a built-in elastic waistband that makes you look thinner. With SlimPants, your legs look longer and slim, your buttocks are enhanced, your silhouette seems finer.

The SlimPants pants combine the design of a pant and the comfort of a leggings. Its special material makes it very comfortable to wear on all occasions every day, and adapts to all sizes whatever your morphology.

SlimPants is available in 2 different models: zipper and all black.

Composition: 95% polyester, 5% elastane

Package Contents:
1 pants SlimPants, design zipper
1 pants SlimPants, design all black