Jewelry armoire with mirror View full size

Jewelry armoire with mirror

The need to be beautiful with a 3 in 1 furniture, mirror with storage for jewelry and accessories

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300,00 €

In the morning it's not easy to prepare as fast as you should. It's a juggle between wash, put makeup on and then run of to find earrings that will fit with your outfit. What would you think if we find a way to make it easier by combining accessories into a cabinet?

Material: MDF with painting and finishing RUBBER real wood trunk.
Metal key.
13 * 7 = 91 line positions for your rings.
12 hooks for your long necklaces.
36 hooks for your little necklaces.
6 compartments Wooden glasses, perfume, tie, and all your favorite accessories.
8 lines for hanging your earrings
2 small Tote bottom of the cabinet for your small accessories.